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Admin Portal: Collaborate Bridge

What you need to know

The Collaborate Bridge feature is a site service that allows users to initiate calls from the My Room feature of their UC-One applications.

The Collaboration Bridge is a unique two-way phone number that is configured in the admin portal. Each site has a unique Collaboration Bridge two-way phone number assigned to it and all users within the site have the same Collaboration Bridge number.

  • Each user that is assigned to the Collaboration Bridge has a unique Room ID, which is used to initiate My Room sessions.
    • Calls within the My Room feature will not process if there is not a phone number assigned to the Collaboration Bridge.
    • Users that have been assigned the Premium package, or the Collaboration Bundle as an add-on, will have the ability to use this feature.
    • A moderator pin is not required for this feature; only the Room ID is required.
    • There can be multiple private My Room sessions running concurrently, each with a combined total of 15 audio and video participants.

This guide provides instructions for assigning the Collaboration Bridge two-way number and viewing the Room ID numbers associated with the users that have been assigned the Collaboration Bundle.

View and/or Modify the Collaboration Bridge Number

  1. Log in to the admin portal.
  2. Select Advanced Services from the left-hand navigation menu.
  3. Select Collaborate Bridge under Productivity Services.
  4. The two-way phone number assigned to the Collaborate Bridge is displayed. This is the two-way phone number the system uses to dial out when placing My Room calls.
  5. To change the two-way phone number assigned to the Collaborate Bridge (this will change for all users in the site), select Unassign.
  6. Select a different two-way phone number.
  7. Select Assign.
  8. View user’s Room ID numbers. These are the numbers required for the user to place calls from the My Room feature in the UC-One applications.
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