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Admin Portal: Service Assurance

What you need to know

The Service Assurance feature provides an overall call quality view that includes call and site statistics, per-call media ratings, and SIP signaling details. Service assurance is included in all packages and on-premise equipment is not required. All devices are supported.

Launching the Service Assurance Dashboard

The service assurance dashboard is accessed through the admin portal. To open the full service assurance dashboard, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the admin portal.
  2. The service assurance panel is on the admin portal dashboard.
  3. Note: If you do not see the service assurance panel within your admin portal, contact your service provider.

  4. From the service assurance panel, select the Calling Metrics Dashboard.
  5. The Calling Metrics Dashboard opens in a new window on the main dashboard screen.

Understanding the Dashboard

The main dashboard gives an at-a-glance visualization of the usage of the system and the media quality experienced by a customer.

  • The Poor Calls section shows the number of calls within your domain having MOS scores below 3.2 in the last 24 hours.
  • The Good Calls section shows the number of calls within your domain having MOS scores above 3.8 in the last 24 hours.
  • The Call Quality section identifies the top poor call sites in conjunction with a call quality breakdown. The call quality is provided in 3 categories within the last 24 hours for an individual site:
    • Good (MOS > 3.8)
    • Fair (MOS 3.2 to 3.8)
    • Poor (MOS < 3.2)
  • The graphs and visualizations presented on the dashboard are all exportable in a variety of formats for further analysis outside of the dashboard. To export a graph, select the More Options icon in the top, right-hand corner of the graph you would like to print or download.

Reading the Calling Metrics View

The Calling Metrics view displays a list of calls made during a given time period with complete call details. You can select a site and time period to view a list of calls and associated media quality information.

  • Columns can be sorted to display calls in order of whichever metric is pertinent to the problem that is being worked.
  • Note: Enhanced searching and exporting tools to make the troubleshooting process even easier is coming soon.

  • Select Additional Details for more information about the call like SIP signalling call flow, SIP messages and call metrics.
  • On the Call Details page, the SIP call flow section shows the requests and responses made by the caller and callee for the selected call.
  • Select the Call Stream Metrics column to show the Packet Loss over time, if it’s available for a particular call.

Troubleshooting Examples

These examples are common media quality issues and how you would investigate them using the service assurance dashboard. With these tips, you can quickly narrow down an issue.

Example 1: A single user reports poor media quality

If a single user reports poor media quality, use the service assurance dashboard to do the following:

  • Check the user’s site on the dashboard, and by looking at individual call records, determine if all users are experiencing problems?
  • If other users are also seeing issues, use the filtering tools to view past calls to see when this issue began and troubleshoot the sites network connectivity, using Examinet or other tools.
  • If other users are not seeing issues, filter/sort the calls to view that user’s calls only.
  • From this list, it should be clear if there is a pattern to their calling issues:
    • All calls from a particular device have issues, but calls from other devices are ok.
      • Troubleshoot that single device.
    • Only calls at busy periods are showing issues.
      • This points to bandwidth contention during busy periods.
    • Other users using a particular device type are also having issues.
      • These devices may be having issues on the customer’s network.

Example 2: A single site shows bad media quality in the admin portal

The service assurance dashboard can isolate a list of calls for a particular site by filtering on the Call Details page.

  • From this list, problem calls can be sorted and the following patterns identified to isolate the problem.
    • Are the problem calls coming from the same user?
    • Are the problem calls happening every day at the same time?
    • Are the problem calls specific to a device type?