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Apps – User Setup and Overview

Apps – Help Topics

The following topics will help you with common setup topics for setting up the apps for Users:

A. How do I setup a User to assign Apps?

  1. Login to the My Account Portal.
  2. Click the My Site tab.
  3. Select a site from the list on the left. The My Site dashboard appears displaying quick links.
  4. Select the Add/Modify User quick link.
  5. Double Click on the User you would like to assign UC-One clients to.
  6. Select the User Info tab.
  7. Enter the user’s First Name and Last Name.
  8. Confirm the Caller ID Number. When placing calls to a Contact with Caller ID enabled, this number will appear on the receiver’s phone. To change the External Caller ID, select a number from the drop-down list.
  9. Enter the User’s Extension. By default, it will be the last four digits of the assigned phone number. The extension can be 2 – 6 numeric digits.
  10. Enter the User ID. The user will use this to log in to the My Phone portal. Please Note: You may enter up to 4 UserIDs. Each UserID must be unique and must be in an email format, i.e., Username@domain. Please note, the UserID values are only used for Login purposes and do NOT need to be real email addresses. Account notifications will use the Email Address specified in the Email field. UserIDs will NOT be used for Account notifications.
  11. Enter the user’s email address. This email address receives My Phone credentials and voice portal information. When passwords are modified, the user is notified at this address.
  12. Click Save.
  13. Once the User is saved, select Reset MyPhone Password.
  1. The User will receive two emails. One will contain their My Phone Password credentials and the other will contain their MyPhone login User ID. They will need these credentials in order to login into My Phone to download the clients.

B. How to I assign Apps to a User?

  1. Login to the My Account Portal.
  2. Click the My Site tab.
  3. Select the site from the list on the lest. The My Site dashboard appears displaying quick links.
  4. Go to the Share a Line quick link.
  1. Select the User you would like to set up and click Edit. The Sharing Configuration window will appear.
  2. Select the Soft Client endpoint type.
  3. Check the Shared box next to the soft client application you would like to enable for the User to download.
  4. Click Save when you are done.

Once the Soft Clients have been shared, the user will see them in Mobile App and Desktop Softphone area of the My Phone portal. The User’s ID will be displayed from My Phone, and the Password is the same Password used to log in to My Phone.

C. How do I download the Apps?

You will receive an email indicating you were given access to the Desktop Softphone.

  1. Log in to the My Phone dashboard at
  2. Click the My Features tab at the top of the screen.
  3. Click Desktop Softphone on the menu on the left. The Desktop Communicator Downloads screen appears.
  1. Click Download. The setup wizard pop-up appears.


  • Click Run or Save and follow the instructions.
  • Launch Virtual Communications Express Desktop Softphone.


  • Double-click the disk image.
  • Copy the application to the Applications folder.
  • Launch Virtual Communications Express Desktop Softphone.

The first time you launch the Desktop Softphone you are prompted to sign in. You can choose to sign in automatically after initial sign in.

  1. Enter the user name and password for the Desktop Softphone. Refer to Section A for the User ID and password.
  2. Check Remember password if you do not want to enter it every time you log in.
  3. Check Sign in automatically if you want Virtual Communications Express Desktop Softphone to automatically sign in on subsequent launches.
  4. Click Sign In.
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