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Business Digital – Connect Getting Started with Hub


Hub is an add-on that provides contextual data and Micro App integration with contextual information sharing within the desktop client. This integration allows you to view and share content-specific information from multiple platforms such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Salesforce, Twitter and much more.

The built-in Micro App integration provides the ability to preview the cloud application content, for example, Gmail integration allows you to view and search your most recent e-mails. The contextual data is filtered to show in the shared-content window to reflect the relevant content that is associated with the person you are communicating with.

Setting Up Hub in Connect

    1. To enable Hub, go to the Main Menu and select Settings.
    1. Then select Hub.
    1. Tap the slider to enable. Then tap the slider to enable the Micro Apps you would like to integrate with your Connect app. With one swipe, the shared content window shows all the recent e-mails and/or communications that you have shared with the contact.

Note: Depending on the app, a new browser window will open prompting you to authorize Hub to use your account. Enter the username or email address and password associated with your account. Once authenticated, you can choose a contact and from the Options menu choose View Shared Content.