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Call History (My Phone)

The Call History feature provides end users with detailed reports of missed, placed, and received calls.

This feature can be configured from the My Phone Portal found at the following URL:

*Please Note: Only the site administrator can setup users in the My Phone portal. Ask your site administrator if you do not have access into the My Phone portal.

What you need to know

The following topics will help you with common Call History related questions.

A. How can I view my Call History report?

  1. From the My Phone dashboard, click on the My Call History tab.
  1. Enter the Start Date and End Date from which you would like the report to run.
  2. Check the type of calls to view. You can view any or all of the following:
    • Outgoing Calls
    • Incoming Calls
    • Missed Calls
  3. Click the Refresh button. A list will display according to the parameters you selected.
  4. To export the results, click Export. This will allow you to export your call history record as a .csv file.