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Call Waiting (My Account)

What you need to know

Understanding call volumes can help determine resource needs, and ensure that remote workers are responding to calls effectively and using their time efficiently. Call Waiting allows you to put your current call on hold to answer a different incoming call. Should you choose to disregard the incoming call the second call will be transferred to your voicemail, or another pre-determined destination.

As a Site administrator, you can configure Call Waiting to any number assigned to your account. Site Administrators will have to go to the My Account Portal found here:

Call History – Help Topics

The following topics will help you with common Call Waiting-related questions.

A. How do I configure Call Waiting for a User?

  1. Login to the My Account Portal.
  2. Click the My Site tab.
  3. Select the site from the list on the left. The My Site dashboard appears displaying quick links.
  4. Click the User Features tab and select Call Waiting.
  5. Check the box next to the phone number(s) you would like to enable call waiting on.

Note: Any end user with My Phone access can override this configuration.

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