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Voicemail – My Messages (My Phone)

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A. Feature Overview

My Messages allows you to set up preferences for various features available with your voice mailbox. For example, the voice mail to email setting allows you to receive email notifications when a new voice mail message arrives, or to receive voice mail messages as .wav file attachments via email.

B. Feature Setup

  1. Log in to the My Phone portal at
  2. Enter your User Name and Password. Use the login information provided by your administrator.
  3. Click Login. The My Phone homepage appears.
  4. Click the My Messages tab on the toolbar.
  5. Select a message and click to listen to the voice message.
  6. Check the box to the right of a message(s) and click Delete Selected to delete a voice message.
  7. Click Refresh to check for new messages.
  8. Check the box to the right of a message(s) and click Download Selected to open or save the message as a .wav file.
  9. Click Settings to configure voice mail settings. The Configuration pop-up appears
  10. Voice Messaging

  11. Select On if you want busy and unanswered calls to go to voice mail.
    Select Always if you want all calls to go to voice mail.
    Select Off if you want to disable voice mail.
  12. Fax Messaging

  13. Select On or Off for max messaging if your administrator enabled it for you.
  14. Message Storage

  15. Select System Mailbox unless your company is using an external voice mail service and it is configured.
  16. Check Message waiting indicator on phone to enable the message waiting indicator light on your phone when a new message arrives.
  17. Additional Settings

  18. Check Get notified when new message is received via to select how you want to be notified of new voice mail messages.
    • Text to cell - enter your cell phone number and select your cell phone carrier from the dropdown list.
    • E-Mail Address - enter your e-mail address.
  19. Check Send a copy of all new messages to another email address and enter an email address to receive voice messages as .wav file attachments via email.
  20. Check Transfer on “0” and enter the number to which calls should be transferred to enable callers to select zero and exit voice mail instead of leaving a message.
  21. Greetings

  22. Select the number of rings a caller hears before they are sent to your voice mail greeting.
  23. Select the type of Busy greeting callers will hear:
    • System - generic busy greeting automatically generated by the system.
    • Personal - recorded through the voice portal or uploaded as a .wav file by clicking the Browse button and browsing for the file on your computer.
  24. Select the type of No Answer greeting callers will hear: System or Personal.
  25. Click Save. The My Messages screen reappears.
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