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Priority Alert (My Phone)

What you need to know

This article describes the Priority Alert feature.

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A. Feature Overview

Priority Alert is a premium user level feature that allows your phone to ring with a different cadence based on pre-defined criteria. You can use this feature to be notified when a specific number is calling or when a call is from inside or outside your group. The criteria for each Priority Alert entry can be a list of up to 12 phone numbers or digit patterns, a specified time schedule, and a specified holiday schedule.

B. Prerequisites/Restrictions

  • Hunt Group – Hunt Group takes precedence over Priority Alert. Priority Alert settings are not applied to Hunt Group calls.
  • Call Waiting – Priority Alert applies to waiting calls and applies a distinctive ring per the defined criteria.
  • Remote Office – If Remote Office is enabled, the Priority Alert feature is not applied on incoming calls.
  • Simultaneous Ringing/Anywhere/Mobility – Priority Alert only applies to the main endpoint and not to secondary locations.

C. Feature Setup

  1. Log in to the My Phone portal at
  2. Enter your User Name and Password.
  3. Click Login. The My Phone homepage appears.
  4. Click the My Rules tab on the toolbar.
  5. Click My Rules on the menu on the left.
  6. Select Priority Alert from the drop-down list.
  7. Click to add a rule. The Priority Alert pop-up appears.
  8. Enter a Rule name.
  9. Select a Time Schedule for business hours, if applicable.
  10. Select a Holiday Schedule, if applicable.
  11. Note: Refer to the My Rules User Guide for more information about configuring schedules.

  12. Select Any phone number.
  13. -OR-

    Select Following phone numbers to add a list of specific phone numbers.

    Select Any private number or Any unavailable number (you must select at least 1).

    Enter a telephone number and click the plus sign (+) to add it.

  14. Click Save. The My Rules screen reappears.
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