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Initiating a My Room Session from the Mobile App

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My Room is a collaboration tool used to perform Group Chat, initiate a Conference Call using a Conference Bridge, or to perform Desktop Sharing with multiple people.  You can enter another Contact’s Room as a Guest, or ask Contacts to join your Room.

A. Initiating a My Room Session

To initiate a My Room Session from your Mobile client;

  1. Click on the My Room icon, you will automatically be entered in your My Room

2.  To invite Contacts into a My Room Session, select the Chat icon.

3.  Then, click on the Add Contact icon.

4.  Select Contacts you want to invite and click Done. once the Contacts accepts the invite they can join your Room.

  1. Inviting Guests without an account to join your My Room session.

To Invite a Guest to join your My Room, from your My Room session,

  1. Click on Menu in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  2. Then, select Copy Guest Join Link.


    3. Link will be copied to your clipboard.

    4. Send link from clipboard to a guest via text, chat, or email.

B. Joining a Colleagues My Room Session from your Mobile

If you have been asked to join a contact’s My Room Session, you will receive a pop-up notification to either Join or Ignore the invite.

  1. Select Accept to enter that Contact’s My Room. You will be entered in the My Room Session.

2. From here, you can join the chat and/or the voice or video portion of the session.

  1. Tips and Short cuts

You can enter another contact’s My Room without an Invitation; however, they will not be notified on their mobile device that you have joined unless they are in a session.

To enter another contact’s My Room;

  1. Select the Contact and click on Join Room. You will be entered automatically into that contact’s My Room.

2. You can then initiate a Voice or Video Call and/or Chat session.