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Initiating My Room Sessions using the Desktop App

What you need to know

My Room is a collaboration tool used to perform Group Chat, initiate a Conference Call using a Conference Bridge, or to perform Desktop Sharing with multiple people. You can enter another Contact's Room as a Guest, or invite Contacts to join your Room.

This article provides details on the functions related to the UC-One Desktop:

Help Topics

A. Initiating a My Room Session

To Join My Room From your UC-One Desktop from the Dashboard;

  1. Click on the My Room Icon. The My Room session is automatically started.

You can add a colleague to join your My Room Session, either by sending a chat to join your Room, or drag-and-drop available Contacts into your room. Participants must accept your request to be added to your Room.

To request colleagues to join your My Room Session:

  1. Select the Contacts icon.
    1. Inviting Guest participants without an account.

You can invite outside Guest into your My Room session. Guest can join a My Room session via invitation that provides the Guest with a Conference ID and Pin.

To invite a Guest to a My Room session, from your My Room:

  1. Click on Copy My Room invitation link.
  2. Paste copied invitation to a chat or email


Click on Email My Room Invitation, an email will be initiated.

  1. Once Guests receives the message, they can click on the link to join in your My Room.

Please note: Guests outside the company do not have private chat capabilities, however; they can see the chat history of the active My Room session.

B. Calling into your My Room Session via Voice Call

To initiate a Voice Call with My Room Participants,

  1. Click the Call Button, or the Call from Phone Button.
  2. A call will be initiated into your Conference Bridge.

  1. Your Conference ID and Moderator Pin will automatically be entered. Your call will be connected.

Calling into My Room via Video Call.

To initiate a Video Call with My Room Participants.

  1. Select the Video Call Icon.
  2. A Video Call all will be initiated into your Conference Bridge.
  3. Your Conference ID and Moderator Pin will automatically be entered. Your call will be connected.

C. Sharing Desktop in a My Room Session

While in a My Room Session;

  1. Click the Share Desktop Button.
  2. Choose which Application you would like to share.
  3. Click Start Sharing to begin Sharing your screen.

Please note: Once in Sharing mode you can choose to Pause, Stop, or Select another application to share or preview.

D. Joining a Colleague’s My Room Session

You can join a colleague’s My Room Session if you are a Contact or if you are invited as Guest Participant without an account.

To join a Contact’s My Room session;

  1. Select the Contact whose My Room you want to join.
  2. Right click on the Contact and select Join Room, you will be placed into the Contacts Room.

Joining a User’s My Room Session as a Guest Participant without an account

  1. Open the link with your Google Chrome browser.
  2. Enter your Name and Last Name.
  3. Click Join Room, the Room owner will have to accept your request to enter their My Room Session

Please note: As a guest you do not have private chat capabilities, however you can see chat and view the chat of the active My Room session.

E. Utilizing Moderator Controls in a My Room Session

While on an audio or video conference in your My Room, you can see a list of all participants and you also have access to moderator controls.

As the My Room Moderator, you will have the ability to:

  • Lock Audio Conference
  • Hide Participants
  • Dismiss All Participants
  • Mute All Participants
  • Unmute all Participants

While on an active Call in the My Room Session, under Participants;

  1. Right Click on your name to select an option for the entire session.

  1. In the dropdown, you will be able to make the desired selections.
  2. To mute or dismiss a specific participant, right click on their name in the participants window and make the desired selection.