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Initiating My Room Sessions using the Desktop App

This article provides basic navigation and information on a My Room Session.

A. Initiating a My Room Session

To Join My Room From your Desktop App from the Dashboard:

  1. Click on the My Room Icon. The My Room session is automatically started.

You can add a colleague to join your My Room Session, either by sending a chat to join your Room, or drag-and-drop available Contacts into your room. Participants must accept your request to be added to your Room.

To request colleagues to join your My Room Session:

  1. Select the Contacts icon.
    • Inviting Guest participants without an account.

B. Calling into your My Room Session via Voice Call

To initiate a Voice Call with My Room Participants,

  1. Click the Call Button, or the Call from Phone Button.
  2. A call will be initiated into your Conference Bridge.
  3. Your Conference ID and Moderator Pin will automatically be entered. Your call will be connected.

C. Sharing Desktop in a My Room Session

While in a My Room Session;

  1. Click the Share Desktop Button.
  2. Choose which Application you would like to share.
  3. Click Start Sharing to begin Sharing your screen.

Please note: Once in Sharing mode you can choose to Pause, Stop, or Select another application to share or preview.

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