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Inviting and Joining as guest Participant in My Room

My Room is a collaboration tool used to perform Group Chat, initiate a Conference Call or Video Call using a Conference Bridge, or to perform Desktop Sharing with multiple people. You can enter another Contact’s Room as a Guest, or invite Contacts to join your Room.


A. Inviting Guest participants without an account.

You can invite outside Guest into your My Room session. Guest can join a My Room session via invitation that provides the Guest with a Conference ID and Pin.

To invite a Guest to a My Room session, from your My Room:

  1. Click on Copy My Room invitation link.
  2. Paste copied invitation to a chat or email


  Click on Email My Room Invitation, an email will be initiated.

  1. Once Guests receives the message, they can click on the link to join in your My Room.

Please note: Guests outside the company do not have private chat capabilities, however; they can see the chat history of the active My Room session.

B. Joining a User’s My Room Session as a Guest Participant without an account

To join a User’s My Room as a Guest without an account, you must receive a link to the session. Once in the Room you can participate only in group chat, and view screen.

  1. Open the link with your Google Chrome browser.
  2. Enter your Name and Last Name.
  3. Click Join Room, the Room owner will have to accept your request to enter their My Room Session

Please note: As a guest you do not have private chat capabilities, however you can see chat and view the chat of the active My Room session.

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