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My Account Overview

What you need to know

This article provides details on the following My Account related topics:

A. What is the My Account Portal?

The My Account portal allows administrator to:

  • Add/remove administrators
  • Access My Site (including users, devices and site services)
  • Setup calling features, such as voicemail, auto attendant and hunt group
  • View and export reports

B. How do I access the My Account Portal?

  1. Reference your Welcome Email that was delivered when your account was created.
  2. Click on the My Account portal URL:
  3. Enter your assigned My Account User name and temporary password (from the Welcome Email)
  4. Click Login and update your password. Note: Your username should be your email address.
  5. Once logged in, you are routed to the Home tab where you can view your account profile, orders, your account information and the site(s) assigned to your account.

C. My Account Dashboard Overview

From the Profile tab, you can:

  • Update site address information (critical for e911 purposes) and site primary contact information
  • Identify account contact information .
  • Change your My Account User Name and/or password.

The Account Admin tab allows you to add admins to your account and view/edit existing admins.

The My Site tab allows you to access the features and services associated with a specific site.

  1. Click on the Site name on the left of the page.
  2. The My Site Dashboard will appear with Quick Links to services most commonly configured and modified for your Site.