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Assigning Collaboration Bundles

What you need to know

The Collaborate Bundle is required for Users to have access to the My Room feature of the UC-One Applications. It enables user to collaborate with other users, including:

  • Instant Messaging communications
  • User’s presence information
  • My Room - Audio Conferencing
  • My Room - Video Conferencing
  • Desktop and File Sharing
  • Guest User Access

The Collaboration Bundle is included with the Premium Stations and offered as an “a la carte” upgrade for Standard Stations. The Video Conferencing Add-on is also included with Premium Station types and offered as an Upgrade package for Standard Stations that have been assigned the Collaboration Bundle.

This article provides instructions for viewing the Users that have been assigned the Collaboration bundle, assigning the service to users that require the bundle and adding the Video Conference service to Collaboration Bundles.

Assign Collaboration Bundle and Video Conferencing Add-on

  1. Log in to the Enterprise Portal.
  2. Select your Site from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select the Users tab in the left-hand navigation menu.
  4. Select Edit next to the user you would like to assign these features to.
  1. Select Call Forwarding on the left-hand navigation and then the Collaborate tab.
For Premium Stations, the Collaborate Bundle option will be disabled as it is inherently included with the Station package and cannot be unassigned. Optionally, the Video Conferencing Add-on is also included with Premium Stations and can be enabled. For Standard Stations that do not inherently include the Collaboration Bundle or Video Conferencing Add-on, both can be enabled for Standard Station Users as long as A La Carte licenses have been purchased for the Site.
  1. The Video Conferencing Add-on adds the ability for Users to dynamically upgrade My Room Audio Conferences to Video Conferences. It is important to note that even though the Video Conferencing Add-on is inherently included with Premium Station types, it still must be activated via the Call Forwarding Collaborate Tab.
Note: Users that do not have the Collaboration Bundle assigned to them will not be able to use the My Room feature in the UC One Applications.