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Parking and Retrieving Calls from the Desktop App

This article provides basic navigation and information on the following Parking and Retrieving calls with the Desktop App related topics:

If you are on an active call, the Desktop & Mobile application provides you with various methods to Park and Retrieve a call. You will have 30 seconds to retrieve a call that is parked or the call will ring back the person who placed the parked call.

A. Parking a Call (Call Park)

If you want to place a call on hold but retrieve it from another location in the office, you must first park the call. Note: That parked calls will hear hold music
While on an active call:

  1. Tap on the More Icon.
  2. Then click Call Park.
  3. Select Use my extension and enter extension to park the call to.
  4. Click on Park, you will hear a prompt that the call has been parked.

Tips and Shortcuts:

You can also Park a call using a feature code (*) 68.

  1. While on an Active call.
  2. Place call on hold.
  3. Dial (*) 68 and the extension you wish to park the call against followed by the (#) sign.
  4. Press the Phone icon.
  5. You will hear a prompt that your call has been parked.

B. Retrieving a Parked Call

  1. On your keypad, dial (*) 88 followed by the extension that the call was parked (currently held) against.
  2. Press the (#) sign.
  3. Click on the Phone icon, this will retrieve the call from Park.
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