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Getting Started - Voicemail Overview

What you need to know

This guide is to help first-time administrators understand the initial voicemail setup and configuration steps for your business and the end users.

Help Topics

A. Voicemail PIN

When Business Digital Voice is installed by a Verizon technician, the business administrator receives an email (from that includes the default voicemail PIN. This is typically the last 7 digits of your voicemail access phone number. This PIN can then be shared with end users to set up individual voicemails and PINs.

Note: When end users are first created, they receive an automated email, which will include the default voicemail PIN established for your business. If this voicemail PIN is blank, the PIN will be the last 7 digits of the voicemail access phone number.

If you are an existing customer administrator and would like steps for how to modify your organization's default PIN, when onboarding new users, read this guide.

Once an end user has received the temporary voicemail PIN, they can follow these steps for setting up voicemail for the first time.

B. Configuring Voicemail for Users

Administrators can configure voicemail settings for existing users within the admin portal, including resetting the user’s voicemail password, applying notification settings, and more. For more information about how to configure voicemail for a user, read this guide.

C. Modifying Voicemail as a User

Once a user is created, he or she has access to the user portal where calling settings and features can be viewed and modified, as necessary. Users can set up and modify their own voicemail settings using the user portal. For a helpful end-user guide outlining these steps, read .