Analog Telephone Adapters (ATA)

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Analog telephone adapters (ATA)

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Older model phones and fax machines (that do not run on the internet) require a Business Digital Voice telephone line and an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) to work. An ATA easily converts existing older phone equipment from analog (Plain Old Telephone Service or POTS) to digital or VoIP systems.

This guide will cover the following topics related to ATA devices:

How do I install and connect analog devices to the ATA?

Several options for placing calls are presented on the UC-One Mobile. These functions can be used with the Communication Buttons, input a number to Dial for Voice or Video Calls by clicking the Call Pad Button.

  1. First, using a standard RJ-11 phone cable, connect your fax machine or analog phone to the PHONE 1 port on the ATA. Please note: To use the PHONE 1 or PHONE 2 port on your ATA, you must configure an additional station within the Admin Portal.
  1. Next, plug one end of the supplied Ethernet cable into the INTERNET port on the ATA. Plug the other end into your wall jack, LAN switch or other Ethernet connection to your router.
  2. Once complete, connect the power adapter to the power port and connect to the electrical outlet.
  3. The device is working if the Power, Internet, and/or Phone lights on the front of the device will be green. Please Note: The ETHERNET port on your ATA is NOT supported with the BDV service.

Your ATA is now ready for use and analog devices such as phones and fax machines are configured with the BDV service.

How do I answer a call from a cordless phone plugged into an ATA?

To answer a new call;

  1. Pick up the handset, press the Answer/Flash button or press speakerphone button (if your phone has a speakerphone option).

To answer while on another call (call waiting):

  1. Press Flash + 2 to retrieve a new incoming call after hearing the call waiting tone. The first call is automatically placed on hold.
  2. To alternate between the two calls, press Flash + 2.

To end a call:

  1. Press the End button, hang up your handset or press the speakerphone button.

To put a call on Hold:

  1. If your phone has a Hold button, use it to put calls on or take off hold.

**If your phone does not have a Hold button:

  1. Press Flash when on a call.
  2. The call is placed on hold and then hang up as soon as you hear the dial tone.
  3. To retrieve your held call, pick up the handset or press Speaker (if your phone has a speakerphone option). Please Note: If you have a call on hold, and receive a second call, you can alternate between the two calls by pressing Flash + 2.