Business Apps – Communicator – Placing and Answering Calls

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Placing and answering calls

Placing calls

There are several ways to place a call using the desktop app.

Place calls using the dialpad:

  1. To place a call using your dialpad, select Dialpad icon.
  2. Click in Start new call field.
  3. Enter the phone number using the application's keypad or your computer's keypad.
  4. Click on the Call button icon or enter on your keyboard. Your call is placed.

Place calls from the contacts tab:

  1. To place a voice call from your contacts, select the Contacts icon.
  2. Select the contact, hover over the contact and hit the Call button.

Place a call from the desktop app using your desk phone:

  1. Select a contact by clicking on the Contacts icon.
  2. Right click and select Call from Other Device.
  3. Once your desk phone is picked up, the outbound call is initiated.

Place a video call:

To initiate a video call:

  1. Select a contact by clicking on the Contacts icon.
  2. Right click and select Video Call.

Place calls from the chat window:

To place a call to a contact that you have already initiated chat with:

  1. From the chat window, click Call, Video Call, or Call from Phone. A call is initiated to that contact.

Ending calls:

To end the call, press the Hang up icon, which replaces the call icon when you are on a call.

Answering calls

When you receive an incoming call, a pop-up notification is displayed in the lower right corner of your screen.

To answer an audio call:

  1. Click the Audio button to answer call.
  2. To decline the call, click on the Decline Button.

To answer a video call:

  1. Click the Video button.
  2. For audio only, click the Audio button.
  3. To decline call, select the Decline button.