Call Waiting

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Call waiting

The Call Waiting feature, allows you to place a call on hold to answer a different call. When you are on an active call, a tone alerts you to a new call and you can choose to answer or ignore the call.

This feature can be configured from the User Portal found at the following URL:

Please Note: Only the site administrator can setup users in the User Portal. Ask your site administrator if you do not have access into the User Portal.

How do I enable call waiting?

  1. To enable the Call Waiting feature, from the User Portal, click on the Call Settings page.
  2. Select Call Waiting from your list of features. To enable, click on the toggle button to the right of the text. When it’s enabled, it will turn from dark gray to light gray. To disable, click on the toggle button again, when disabled, it should change from light gray to dark gray.
  3. Click the Save button.