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This article describes the My Directory feature.

This page can be found in the User Portal found at the following URL:

Feature overview

The Directory feature allows you access to the main Directory (Company Directory) and your Personal Directory (My Contacts).

For ease of use, set up your Directory prior to configuring others.

The Directory page also includes access to your Company Directory, which displays your company phone list and allows you to place click to dial calls from your User Portal

Accessing the directory

    1. Login to the User Portal.
    2. Click the Directory Page.
  1. The Directory page is your company’s phone list. You cannot edit these numbers, however if you are signed in to the UC-One Desktop Application you can place calls to these users from this page.
  2. Click Export to CSV to export the Company’s Directory to a spreadsheet.

Accessing my contacts

Adding/Deleting numbers in your Personal Directory.

    1. Click on the My Contacts tab.
    2. You will be on your Personal Directory page.
    3. To add a new number, enter a descriptive name for the number, e.g., mobile phone, in the Name field and enter the number in the Phone Number field. You can also set the new user to a Speed Dial Code from the drop-down list.

Note:You can set up to 100 (00-99) speed dial codes for your frequently called numbers, referred to as Speed Dial numbers. Note: The speed dials you create here do not sync with any speed dials you create on your VoIP Desk Phone, however can be dialed from your VoIP Desk phone. They can also be dialed from your UC-One Desktop Application (softphone).

    1. Click Add Contact.
  1. To delete a contact from My Contacts, click on the trash icon next to the corresponding name and number you want to delete. When the Pop-Up appears, click Delete.

Note: If attempting to delete a number that is assigned to a service the system will first require you to remove the number from the service.