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Push to Talk (Intercom)

What you need to know

The Push to Talk feature allows users treat their IP phones as either a one-way or two-way intercom. Site administrators can configure the following Push to Talk settings for users:

  • Define white and black lists – set the list of assigned users to represent either a “White List” or a “Black List” for the user being configured. The white list represents approved Push to Talk callers for each user. The black list represents the Push to Talk callers not allowed to interact with the user. For example, you can create a white list for Jim, in the warehouse, for all customer services reps to allow them to push to talk to Joe regarding inventory, delivery schedules, etc. and create a black list for Jim of all the sales reps so they do not constantly check on order status’ and special requests that can interrupt Jim during his busy day.
  • Define One-Way or Two-Way settings for Users – one-way only allows the configured user to place Push to Talk calls to other users. Two-way enables communication between the users in both directions.

NOTE: Users dial *50 and the extension to place Push to Talk calls. Push to Talk must be configured for both parties. For example, Bob wants to Push to Talk with Ann. Ann must have Bob listed on her Push to Talk feature and Bob must have Ann listed on his.

Site Administrators will have to go to the My Account Portal found here:

Push to Talk – Help Topics

The following topics will help you with common Call History related questions.

A. How do I set up Push to Talk for a User?

  1. Login to the My Account Portal.
  2. Click the My Site tab.
  3. Select the site from the list on the left. The My Site dashboard appears displaying quick links.
  4. Click the User Features tab.
  5. Click Push to Talk.
  1. Select the User you would like to configure and click Edit.
  2. Check Enable Auto-Answer for Push to Talk (*50) calls via speakerphone. When checked and the user receives a Push to Talk call, their phone automatically answers the call-in speakerphone mode. To disable this feature, uncheck this option.
  3. Next, select the Connection Type. Options include: One-Way or Two-Way.
    • One-Way – Means one-way communication between the user and other users in the site.
    • Two-Way – Means two-way communication between the user and other users in the site.
  4. Select the Access List type. Options are:
    • White List-Selected users are allowed to make Push To Talk calls to me.
    • Black List-Selected users are blocked from making Push To Talk calls to me.
  5. Select users from the Available User List and drag to the Assigned User List.
  6. Click Save.