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This article describes the Schedules feature.

This feature can be configured from the User Portal found at the following URL:

Modify schedules

You can create schedules that allow you to apply specific call settings at different times of the day or days of the week. Once your schedules are created, you can select to apply those schedules to your selective call settings, simultaneous ring settings, and/or priority alerts.

  1. Click the Call Settings page.
  2. Select the Schedules tab, then select New Schedule.
  3. Enter the Schedule Name.
  4. Enter the Start and End Date as well as the Start and End Time.
    1. All day event – If it’s an all-day event, check this box.
    2. Repeats – If you would like for this schedule to repeat, check this box.
  5. Click Save.

Your new schedule appears in the My Schedules table. Now that your schedule is created, you can apply it to your selective call settings, priority alerts, and/or your simultaneous ring settings.