Simultaneous Ring

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Simultaneous ring

Simultaneous Ring (also known as Sim Ring) is a Mobility feature that, when enabled, rings your office phone and another phone of your choice at the same time. Additionally, schedules can be assigned to this feature so calls will ring your Simultaneous Ring phones only during certain times of the day, days or the week, or from specified phone numbers.

This feature can be configured from the User Portal found at the following URL:

Please Note: Only the site administrator can setup users in the User Portal. Ask your site administrator if you do not have access into the User Portal.

How do I set-up simultaneous ring (sim ring)?

You can configure up to 10 Simultaneous Ring numbers to ring along with your desktop phone.

To add a Simultaneous Ring number:

  1. From the User Portal, click the Call Settings page. Scroll down to Simultaneous Ring.
  2. To enable Simultaneous Ring, click on the toggle button to the right of the text. When it’s enabled, it will turn from dark gray to light gray. To disable, click on the toggle button again, when disabled, it should change from light gray to dark gray.
  3. Once enabled enter a valid Phone Number into the fields provided. You can add up to 10 numbers to ring simultaneously when your phone receives an incoming call. you can also choose to not have these numbers ring when you’re on the phone.
  4. Note: By selecting “Answer Confirmation” the call recipient will be prompted to press any key before being connected. This is useful when you want the call recipient to know that the call is not meant specifically for them.

  5. Once your numbers have been entered, you can now create a rule in which this feature will take effect. To do this, select a Pre-Defined Schedule from the drop-down menu and click the Add Schedule button (to create a schedule, see section on creating Schedules).The Apply a Schedule box should appear.
  6. Make sure your “When” field shows which schedule you currently want to use.
  7. Select the numbers for this specific alert.
  8. You can either chose Any Phone Number (to get alerts for all calls) or Select Phone Numbers (to get alerts for specific calls).
  9. Choose Ring or Don’t Ring.
  10. Click the Save button.
  11. In the main screen, click the Save button to finalize you Simultaneous Ring function..

Adding a new schedule

Schedules allow you to apply specific call settings at different times of the day or week.

  1. From the User Portal, click the Call Settings page.
  2. Click the Schedules tab and click the new schedule button.
  3. Enter the Schedule Name.
  4. Select the appropriate Start Date/Time and End Date/Time. If applicable, mark All Day Event or Repeat.
  5. Click Save.