Using My BDV Poly Phone

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Using my BDV poly phone

How do I forward calls from my BDV Poly phone to another line?

To enable the Call Forwarding feature:

    1. Tap the Forward softkey OR from the Home screen, then select Forward.

Please Note: When the telephone number is shared with another phone, Mobile or Desktop client the Forward softkey will NOT appear as an option on your idle screen or the Home Screen. You will only have the ability to forward using the star code *72 then enter the forward destination.

To disable the feature dial *73.

    1. Next, select the type of forwarding option that you would like to enable. Options include:
      • Call Forwarding Always, which will forward all incoming calls to a specified forward-to destination.
      • Call Forwarding No Answer, which will only forward calls if you do not answer, and
      • Call Forwarding Busy, which will forward calls when the Do Not Disturb Feature is enabled, or if your line is busy.
    2. Enter the phone number to which to forward calls in the Contact field
    3. Then select Enable. You will see the Forwarding Indicator next to your Extension Line Appearance in the Lines View.

Please Note: When configuring Call Forwarding No Answer, you must also select the number of rings the caller will hear before the call is forwarded.

Not at your desk? Your administrator can set up Call Forwarding from anywhere by using the Admin Portal.
End Users can set up Call Forwarding from the User Portal anywhere.

How do I pick up another user’s ringing line?

To see another User’s line on your BDV Polycom phone you must first set up the Sharing feature.

The Sharing feature allows you to have other User’s lines displayed on your phone. Once configured, you can place calls from those lines and answer calls on those lines. This feature must be set up by your Administrator. Once Sharing is enabled on your BDV Polycom phone, you will see that User’s line on one of your line appearances.

To place a call from a shared line:

  1. Press the line button next to the line you would like to place the call from.
  2. Enter the phone number and press dial.

To receive a call from a shared line:

    1. When the shared line is ringing, press the line key.

Please Note: When Sharing activated you are able to assign unique ring tones to each line.

Can I barge-in on another user’s call?

To Interrupt active calls performed by another User on your line or someone else’s line you must have the Barge-In feature enabled. This feature must be set up by your Administrator via the Admin Portal.

To perform a Barge-In:

  1. From your BDV Polycom phone, choose a line.
  2. Dial *33 and the extension of the User on the active call you would like to Barge-In on. You will then be added to the conversation. If the Alert on Barge-In option was enabled, a tone is played when you Barge In on the call.

How can I change my ring tones for calls from different numbers?

As a User, you may have more than one number assigned to you such as an Auto Attendant or Hunt Group. You have the ability to change the ring tones for each numbers in order to better differentiate where callers are dialing into.

To change ring tones for different numbers, from you BDV Polycom phone:

  1. Select the Home key.
  2. Select Basic.
  3. Then, Ring Type.
  4. Select the number you would like to change the ring type for and select the new Ring Type.

I am suddenly not receiving calls but I still have service – what’s wrong?

If you are suddenly not receiving calls but you have a dial tone, check that the Do Not Disturb (DND) feature has not been enabled. You will see the DND icon on the home screen if this feature has been activated.

To disable Do Not Disturb:

  1. Press the DND softkey on your BDV Polycom Phone.

Please Note: Your Business Digital Voice service requires an internet connection. If you have a dial tone, but are not receiving calls, please see the Business Digital Voice Support site or contact 1-800-Verizon.