Voice Portal

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Voice portal

The Voice Portal provides an easy way to manage your voicemail box, record auto attendant greetings, and remotely modify call-forwarding options from any telephone. Each site is assigned a unique Voice Portal number. To access your Voice Portal, simply call your voice portal telephone number, log in, and follow the audio prompts.

This guide provides details on the Voice Portal and how to access and manage it as an administrator.

Feature setup and usage

Upon service activation, you will receive an email containing your Voice Portal number. This is the phone number used to when recording your auto attendant greetings and also the phone number used to access voicemail settings and messages for end users.

The Voice Portal extension is typically the last four digits of the Voice Portal telephone number.

Using the voice portal to record auto attendant greetings

  1. Dial your Voice Portal number.
  2. If initially prompted to enter your passcode, press * to return to the enter mailbox ID prompt.
  3. At the enter mailbox ID prompt, enter the Voice Portal extension followed by #.
  4. At the enter passcode prompt, enter the Voice Portal administrator passcode followed by #.
  5. Press 1 to change Auto Attendant greetings.
  6. Press 1 for Business Hours or press 2 for After Hours to change the Auto Attendant greeting.

Upon access to the Voice Portal as an admin, you will be routed to the main menu. The diagram below provides details regarding the menus and sub-menus.