Admin Onboarding – What Did I Buy and Why

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Enjoy ease of use & cost-savings with Business Digital Voice

Welcome to Business Digital Voice from Verizon! In this onboarding guide, we will review the built-in benefits of your new service and how Business Digital Voice will help you save time, money, and operate your business more effectively.

Advanced features. Simplified operations.

Your Verizon Business Digital Voice system offers secure, cloud-based VoIP services enhanced with desktop and mobile app flexibility. With your phones now on your internet, you enjoy lowered communications costs and greater control over your business with 24/7 web-based portal access. You can control how your phones operate and make changes to your business hours, holiday schedules, settings, and more via the portal from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Seamless processing of your calls

Business Digital Voice comes equipped with a range of features for effortless call routing. Increase employee productivity and customer satisfaction with call history, call park and retrieve, hunt groups and more for streamlined experiences on both ends of the call.

Be available to your customers 24/7/365

Set up an Auto Attendant to offer callers various menu options at any time of day or night, and help route them to self-service portals, the right service department, or voicemail boxes for follow-up. Your Business Digital Voice service also allows you to play custom recordings of announcements, promotions, and any other information you want to share with your callers.

Communicate from anywhere with the Mobile App

Your business can operate from wherever you and your employees are using the Business Digital Voice mobile app. When making an outbound call from the app, callers will see your business number. And if you find yourself in the middle of a call on your desktop phone but need to run out the door, you can seamlessly switch your in-progress call from desktop to mobile without the caller knowing!

Next steps

Now that you’re better acquainted with your new system, it’s time for the initial set up! Refer to the included worksheet as we walk you through how to fill it out in preparation for your Welcome Call.