Admin Onboarding – Next steps after purchase

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Get oriented, before you begin

You’ve purchased the Business Digital Voice service, now what? This guide reviews some helpful tips for what to do next, after purchase, but before the setup steps. We’ll review what to expect and things you should start thinking about, if you haven’t already.

Simple setup worksheet

Download and complete the simple setup worksheet. This worksheet gives you a preview of what you’ll need to know and have available to you when you start setting up your service. For example, the information you’ll need for each of your users, what your business office hours are, etc.

Note: This worksheet is for your notes only. Filling it out is the best way to be prepared for initial setup and configuration.

Define your admins

We recognize that the person who has determined to purchase the Business Digital Voice service is not always the same person who will be handling the setup. And the person who is handling the setup may not be the same person who will be maintaining the calling services moving forward. That’s why, we recommend defining who these people are up front. That way, the stakeholders who need to be involved can jump in at the right times.

Tip: Make sure to have more than one admin. You’ll need a backup when one is unavailable and you need immediate configuration changes, emergency closures, etc.

Now that you’ve had a preview of what to expect next and what information you’ll need to gather for your welcome call or additional onboarding, you can better define who is doing what.

Prepare for your welcome call

The welcome call is a short, 30-minute call to learn how to log in to your admin portal, give end users portal access to manage their own features, and set up call routing and group features, such as call forwarding, hunt groups, and auto attendants. Make sure you’re ready, by completing the simple setup worksheet.

If you are within 3 days of your Business Digital Voice installation and have not received a welcome call, call 1-877-706-4521 to schedule or complete your call. This support group can only help with your initial welcome call. Any order, install, or date questions should be directed to 1-800-Verizon.

For more information about the welcome call, visit the welcome call guide.

After your welcome call

Your welcome call gets you ready to begin your full, service configuration. After your welcome call, you’ll be ready to start configuring your service. For this, we have two helpful tools you can use to walk you through setting up your services and features for the first time.

Note: These first-time setup tools (WalkMe and Self-paced Get Started steps) walk you through the same steps. You can use either one, or a mix of both.


WalkMe is a tool available to everyone and built directly inside the admin portal. When you log in to the admin portal, a Welcome message appears where you determine what happens next. If you are a new user, and new to this portal, you can click First Time Here to begin the basic onboarding flow.

Interested in using this method to set up the rest of your features? Before you jump in, learn more about WalkMe.

Self-paced get started steps

This area of our help site is designed specifically to get admins started with using the service. Each step provides a quick summary and then links you to the full guide with step-by-step instructions for how to set up and manage the feature.

If you like going through things at your own pace, this option might be best for you. Get started.

Next steps

You’re on your way to being ready to start setting up your service. Before you do, we recommend you take a look at some real-world examples, by industry, for ways to put your calling features to work.