Assign your main business number

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What happens when someone calls your business?

Directing your main number to the right destination is key to serving your callers and their needs.

Set up a user in the admin portal

Let's get started. First things first, log in to the Admin Portal. Familiarize yourself with the dashboard. On the dashboard, you begin building your new service by configuring your users. Users are the basis for most system services and features and help you determine how your calls are routed, how your hunt groups and page groups are set up, and more.

Note: Make sure you're ready to assign a phone number, extension, and device type during this process.

To set up a user, follow the step here: Adding and assigning devices and users.

What should happen when a customer calls your main business number?

Now that you have configured your users, you can continue to route your main business number. Your primary business number is the number the callers dial. You will generally set this up during your initial system installation which is done by the Business Digital Voice technician. If you would like to change the user to which your main business number rings, you can do so by configuring another user.