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My Account and My Phone

What you need to know

There are two powerful web portals available for managing your Business Digital Voice services and features: My Account for administrator users and My Phone for end users. These portals can be found at the following URLs:

My Account:

My Phone:

Help Topics

A. What is it for?

My Account

My Account is a web portal for business administrators to manage and configure all devices, telephone numbers, users and features.

My Phone

My Phone is a web portal for end users to manage their individual features and services.

B. Who uses it?

My Account


My Phone

End Users; Administrators have access to their own My Phone portal.

C. How do I get credentials?

My Account

Administrators are automatically emailed their username and temporary password. The username is typically the administrator’s email address. For more information about My Account usernames and passwords, click here.

Tip: Search your email inbox for emails from

My Phone

End users are set up to begin using My Phone by their site administrators. Administrators use the My Account web portal to make the assignment via the Assignments tab. The same process used to give a user voicemail gives them My Phone access. For step-by-step instructions on setting up voicemail, click here.

D. What features and services are available?

Features & Services

My Account

My Phone

Auto Attendant

Anonymous Call Rejection


Business Continuity

Busy Lamp Monitoring

Call Forwarding

Call History

Call Logs w/ Click to Dial

Call Notify

Call Park / Pickup Groups

Call Settings / Permissions

Call Waiting

Desktop Client

Hunt Group

Mobile App


Music On Hold

My Rules (block specified user, forward calls on a schedule, etc.)

Outbound Call ID Blocking

Outgoing Calling Plan Management

Personal Phone Directory

Push to Talk (intercom)

Shared Call Appearance


Simultaneous Ring

Speed Dial

Unified Messaging

Visual Voicemail



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