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  1. Passwords

    • How do I change my password for the user portal? (User Portal - guide)
    • How do I change my password for the mobile app?
      • Your mobile app password is the same as your login to the User Portal. To change the password for the Business Digital Mobile Application, go to the User Portal. On the main sign-in screen, click on the Forgot Password link. Enter your Username and then proceed to click the Reset Password button. You will shortly receive a change of password email. Follow the instructions to reset your password.
    • As an administrator, how can I reset a user's password?
      • From the admin portal, select the Users tab. Find the user you wish to modify, and then select the Actions drop-down menu for password and PIN reset options.
    • I forgot my voicemail password. (video)
    • I have reset my voicemail passcode, but I am still locked out.
      • If using the “envelope” button on the phone to access voicemail, always push the line button for the phone number that you are checking voicemail for first, to ensure the correct voicemail box is being accessed.
  2. Voicemail

  3. Outbound Caller ID

    • How do I change the name on my outbound caller ID?
      • Outbound caller ID changes require an order from sales. This is to protect you from other businesses or spam who may be trying to use your name. Please call 1-800-Verizon to update.
    • The wrong name is showing on my outbound caller ID, and/or my company name is not showing. Why and how can I fix this?
      • Outbound caller ID display is dependent on the receiving end’s capabilities and data sources. If the person you are calling doesn’t subscribe to the caller ID name (frequent with cell phones), then the only way it would display the name is if your number is in their contact list on the phone. If the phone provider that the person you are calling did not update their caller ID name database with the most up-to-date information, then it will display the name that they last had for your number on the caller ID.
  4. Features

  5. Billing

    • Where can I pay/view/print my bill?
  6. VoIP